Friday, February 8, 2013

The Reagan That Really Was

Apparently today is Ronald Reagan's birthday which means that it's more or less a national holiday for everyone who's still angry about the Presidential Election.

The funny thing is that the Reagan that's sanctified, if not deified, by the modern Republican Party simply didn't exist.  Reagan raised taxes.  Reagan gave immigrants amnesty.  Reagan sounds like he'd be lucky to make it through the primaries of today's GOP.

But through the long lens of history and political revisionism, Reagan has become the patron saint of many things he never did and never agreed with in life.  The numerous deplorable actions of his administration have been forgotten in the course of a mere 30 years and what's left is a political icon that, to conservatives, stands alongside progressive giants like Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Makes you wonder what we'll be talking about on August 4th in 2043.

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