Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dick Cheney Is Still A Thing

Mr Popular

Apparently Dick Cheney managed to wind up his clock-work heart enough to deliver a few remarks to a Republican Committee fundraising dinner.  Cheney used the opportunity to lay into President Obama's cabinet nominees as "second-rate."

Mr Cheney may not remember it, but he left office with a 13% approval rating, making him among the least popular political figures in recent memory.  Indeed, so indelable was the Bush/Cheney mark upon the Republican Party that the only major electoral victory that the GOP can claim -- the 2010 mid-terms -- came at the hands of a bunch of people who verbosely rejected the Bush/Cheney administration.

In light of that, it's difficult to imagine why Mr. Cheney thinks his opinion to be at all relevant.

Perhaps it's because, even at 13%, he still beats out the US Congress, which comes in at 9%

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