Monday, February 11, 2013

Called It

Screen capture of the TEA Party website... in 2002
The most recent addition to the Tea Party's heap of political infamy is the confirmation published on the DeSmogBlog of the group's origins as the brainchild of the Koch brothers back in 2002.

At this point it appears that the only thing keeping the Tea Party from becoming the most absurd idea in American political history is that the "No Nothing Party" clearly didn't think through all possible implications of their name choice.

Then again, to be fair, the Tea Party started out referring to themselves as Tea Baggers, so there's that.

So the supposedly grass-roots movement of American patriots who were fed up with high taxes that just happened to immediately gain the vocal and high profile backing of numerous conservative celebrities and the entire Fox News network was, in fact, never a grass roots movement at all.

Ordinarily a revelation like this would prompt millions of liberals to nudge their conservative friends/family/coworkers and say "called it" but almost everyone stopped caring about the Tea Party after it committed political seppuku over the course of the last two years.

At this point the best the party can hope for is to serve as the catalyst for a complete melt-down and restructuring of the Republican Party.  Unfortunately for the TEApublicans, that will almost certainly end with the marginal fringe they represent being relegated back to the margins where they belong.

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