Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A train-wreck of close-mindedness and bigotry

Fox News has been a train-wreck of close-mindedness and bigotry for some time now but the interview with Reza Aslan really takes the cake.  Jesus is, without a doubt and without any religious dogma brought into it, among the most influential of historical figures.  Whole empires rose and fell in the ripples his life and death created and continue to this day.  Regardless of faith, of course any scholar of history or religion would be interested in the story of his life and, in particular, in separating that which we can establish as fact from that which Christians accept on faith.  

If you find yourself wondering why I'm off on a tangent about Jesus and Christianity and some guy named Reza Aslan, check out this video upon which the above image parody is based and prepare to cringe.  As bad as it starts out, it just keeps getting worse.

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